Single review: Mi’das ‘Feels Like Only Yesterday’ – ‘Wistful lyrics are impeccably framed within a stirring minor-key melody’

AfterDark’s Dean Hodge reviews the new single by Mi’das (out now).

MidasChairGoldShadUpIf there was ever a proven formula for how to produce a transcendent three-minute pop tune, then it arguably lies within the combination of melancholic yet cathartic lyrics, a contrastingly uplifting melody, and a voice derived from an old heart and a weary soul that can instantly connect with any listener.

It is a simple yet winning formula which Brighton tunesmith Mi’das has sought to replicate in his own musical craft to successful effect, as he does on his new single Feels Like Only Yesterday.

The title is an apt choice and the wistful, nostalgic lyrics, which reflect on the freedom of youth away from the confines of adulthood, are impeccably framed within a stirring minor-key melody that doffs its cap to the R’n’B and soul sound of the 70’s. The influence of Stevie Wonder is heavily present in the jaunty piano hook and mellifluous vocal turn.

If you listen very closely to the opening few seconds of the track, you can even hear what seems to be the sound of a cassette tape being slotted and tuned in, which adds a suitably sentimental touch to proceedings. It is a track which is heavily indebted to the sounds of the past, and yet still manages to be at once relevant and refreshing. Continue reading

Review: Mi’das ‘Stronger’ EP – ‘A fresh take on the current soul scene that is both timely and timeless’

AfterDark’s Dean Hodge reviews the latest EP by Mi’das.

Tracklisting: Wish Road/Too Little Too Late/Vienna/Like You Did Then (demo)/Wish Road (Otis Porter remix)

Mi'dasThe soul genre has become an abused and often overused tag in recent years. There is no denying that the UK can, now and then, produce some gifted vocalists, but very few of them today can really tap into the raw, authentic emotion that a truly great soul artist can. Much of the artists today labelled under this tag favour glossy, overlayed production and catchy if uninspired hooks, over melodies that generally stir the heart and soul. Mi’das (aka Mike Davies) can be classed as an exception though.

A Brighton lad with a breathtakingly soulful voice, Mi’das is that rare thing in the music industry – a genuine artist who foregoes such shortcomings or any cheap shot at attention-seeking publicity and lets his music do the talking. Here is someone who really appreciates the soulful core of music, and the artistic journey behind every great piece of musical history. His three recent EP’s – aptly titled Glow, Grow and Stronger – are each described as a chapter of his own journey. In which case, the Stronger EP is probably the pivotal bookmark and sounds like an artist in full bloom. Continue reading